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Inside the Famous Monsters July SHOCK BOX!

We couldn't wait to find out what Famous Monsters had in store for Monster Kids this month! Limited to only 300, the latest SHOCK BOX is exactly what we needed to help survive our summer vacation! Here's a quick look inside... Continue Reading →

A Twenty Plus Theatrical Run Scorches Screens for ‘Daylight’s End’

Daylight’s End is a post-apocalyptic thriller. From director William Kaufman and writer Chad Law, this title recently had its World Premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival. As well, Daylight’s End had appearances at the Dallas Comic Con (May ‘16) and the... Continue Reading →

Watch the new clip “Beautiful Baby” from Morgan

With September 2 right around the corner 20th Century Fox has released an all new clip for Morgan and it is the eeriest one yet. Appropriately tilted "Beautiful Baby" we get to see Morgan in various stages of development as well as different... Continue Reading →

Legally Blind Artist George Redhawk Creates Haunting GIFs for the film ‘Morgan’

20th Century Fox's highly anticipated new film Morgan is only two weeks away and their promotions just became a whole lot more creepy with the addition of artist George Redhawk. Mr. Redhawk has worked in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:... Continue Reading →

Bottleneck Gallery Releases ‘The Fly’ by Timothy Pittides

Bottleneck Gallery in association with Acme Archives and 20th Century Fox present The Fly by Timothy Pittides. The Fly (Regular Edition) 18" x 24" 6 color screenprint. Printed on Index Off-White Kraft-Tone. Printed by VGKIDS. Edition of 125. $40.00 The Fly... Continue Reading →


TERROR FILMS starts to unleash its slate of 2016 titles, beginning with the award winning and critically acclaimed film, THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET. The first phase of the release will begin on September 30th, 2016 on the following TVOD... Continue Reading →

What Is Morgan? – Take A Look At The Teaser Trailer ICYMI

Several months ago 20th Century Fox released a teaser trailer for their highly anticipated psychological sci-fi thriller Morgan. Now that we are just a few weeks away from it's release re-watching the teaser trailer has us on the edge of our seats with... Continue Reading →

DON’T Breathe Snapchat Event with Social Media Stars!

Sony and Ghost House Pictures' DON’T BREATHE is scaring the crap out of social media stars on Snapchat! A group of social media stars were invited to an advanced screening at a house in Los Angeles, but found themselves trapped on the way out.... Continue Reading →

New Horror Web series “FEAR” explores the ghosts of NYC

Devon Tallbott's new horror web series FEAR is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign that you should definitely check out. Filmed in 4K with a great story, top-notch actors, suspense, cinematography, as well as special effects. FEAR is a can't miss project. Check out... Continue Reading →

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