Editor David Weiner to Leave Famous Monsters

We were shocked to learn that veteran editor David Weiner will be leaving Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine after October’s issue #288. In a recent Facebook letter he explained his reasons:

All good things must come to an end… I am parting ways with Famous Monsters once I deliver my last issue, FM #288, which comes out in October. I am now in search of new job opportunities and adventures.

After seven memorable magazine entries under my stewardship as its executive editor, Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine — in its current format — is ending. Moving forward, the publisher has a new concept: FM will continue on quarterly with a new format as an art-driven publication, showcasing the art of 8-12 artists and their work, with each artist getting an interview page. 

Everything about FM has been a labor of love for me, from creating and managing the bi-monthly magazine to being the face of FM at Comic-Con, our film festival, events requiring hosting and panel moderation, for our podcast, our successful Kickstarter, and so much more.

But with a major format change turning the magazine into something entirely different than the Hollywood genre pop-culture/interview-driven content I’ve enjoyed creating — inspired by the long-standing format that FM founder Forrest J Ackerman pioneered, which I’ve loved ever since I was a kid — it was time to renegotiate or exit amicably. Renegotiation turned out not to be an option, so I am exiting amicably.

As a company and a brand, Famous Monsters continues to thrive in other fields, from comics, art publication, and live events, to merchandising and other forms of mass media. It’s fitting that my last issue of FM will be our tribute to Forry Ackerman on the occasion of his centennial birthday. I am interested to see how fans of the magazine respond to the new art-driven format of FM.

It’s been an absolute privilege to carry the torch for this stretch of FM. I have been proud to call myself editor of one of the greatest magazines ever published.


– David Weiner

As fans and friends of David Weiner’s, we are saddened to hear he is leaving the beloved magazine and that Famous Monsters of Filmland will be without the substance that has made everyone here Monster Kids for over 30 years. We wish David nothing but success in his future endeavors!

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